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House Criminal Justice Committee:

Rep. Eric Watson, Chair 615-741-7799
Rep. Faison, Vice-Chair 615-741-6871
Rep. Karen Camper 615-741-1898
Rep. Andrew Farmer 615-741-8201
Rep. Brenda Gilmore 615-741-1997
Rep .G.A. Hardaway 615-741-5625
Rep. William Lamberth 615-741-1980
Rep. Antonio Parkinson 615-741-4575
Rep. Barrett Rich 615-741-6890
Rep. Courtney Rogers 615-741-3893
Rep. Tony Shipley 615-741-2886
Rep. James Van Huss 615-741-1717
Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver 615-741-2192

Senate Judiciary Committee

Sen. Brian Kelsey, Chair 615-741-3036
Doug Overbey, 1st Vice-Chair 615-741-0981
Sen. Campfield Vice-Chair 615-741-1766
Sen. Mike Bell 615-741-1946
Sen. Lowe Finney 615-741-1810
Sen. Ophelia Ford 615-741-1767
Sen. Todd Gardenhire 615-741-6682
Sen. Mark Green 615-741-2374
Sen. John Stevens 615-741-4576

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Lesley Swann is a Co-Host for Tenther Radio and the state chapter coordinator for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center. She is a native of Anderson County, Tennessee.